The Logical Defence of The Faith

The Christian faith has been engaged in a great culture war since the first century A.D., and it continues until today. Part of our overall calling and mission as Christians is to conquer cultures for Christ. We will not win this war by adopting worldly ways or fleshly weapons.
For while we walk in the flesh, we never wage war according to the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not fleshly. Rather, they are powerful through God for the pulling down of strong defensive barriers: for pulling down reasonings [literally: logical arguments] and every high barrier which lifts itself up against the knowledge of God; and for capturing all intellect [or, every thought] to the obedience of Christ. (Second Corinthians 10:3-5, Very Literal Translation) 
Using the weapons which the Lord gives us, we can storm the city, pull down its high defensive walls of false reasonings, pull down the barriers lifted up in the mind against the knowledge of God, then overwhelm and subdue the rebel city of man’s culture, taking intellectual prisoners to be slaves — willing or unwilling slaves — for Christ.
We can try to diagnose the problem, we can assign the blame, and we can ring our hands all we want about the moral and intellectual decline of American culture, but the fact remains that American Culture is in decline precisely because American Christians have been in retreat. We need to return to the battle and to engage the enemy on all fronts, and we need to raise up a generation of Christians who are prepared to storm the walls of darkness with the weapons of Christian warfare, and we need to take prisoners.
Evangelism is the proclamation of the faith. Apologetics is the defense of the faith. The two work together. They have to: They are both fighting on the same side against the same enemies.
In this booklet, I hope to give you — in one lesson — all of the basic information which you need to defend the faith. I will sketch out for you the scene of battle from a philosophical perspective, some of the strategies of war, including the enemy’s battle plan with variations, and some of the weapons of Christian warfare. Our mission is to conquer the culture for Christ.

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