Christian Counter-Culture

Seventhly, one way to build an alternative to the present Humanist culture is to establish dominion over specific locales. Right now Christians are spread out in many different areas, in many different communities. Thus our voices are mixed into the larger population. But what if Christians targeted certain specific geographical areas and began moving there with the intention of establishing a long-term (i.e., generational) commitment to that specific community? Then, as we go about our normal business, work hard, raise large families, educate our children, etc., within just a few generations, Christians would find themselves in the majority. We could eradicate the local school system, get rid of burdensome property taxes, elect Christian officials for mayor, alderman, country sheriff, etc. Then as we have dominion in one geographical area, our large families will have to spread out into the next county, and the next.

Buying land in a common locale, perhaps even living simply for the first generation until the blessings of hard, diligent, conscientious work begin to flow would allow our children and grandchildren to grow up in a Christian culture, avoiding the mistakes and sins that some of us made.

Our goal, according to Matthew 28:19-20 is not just to win a few converts to Christ from around the world, but rather disciple the nations that they might obey their lawful King, the Lord Jesus.


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