Sabbath as Resistance

Saying No to the Culture of Restlessness by Andres Miranda
In the Bible the Sabbath is essentially an affirmation of faith and identity in the midst of our culture that is inhospitable restless and empty. Con-temporary society is preoccupied with gaining more control of the world and time. They tell us that to have more means to be more.
So, all human life has been reduced to the requirements of the global market. But the Bible is more concerned with the sanctification of time by rest and inaction.

On this day the benefits and distractions of technology are put aside, to give rest to the body, and more importantly to deepen our relationship with God. The Sabbath is a sphere of inaction. It is resistance to the relentless demands of the market ideology that

encourages us to pursue the same needs and desires that leave us feeling restless, inadequate, unfulfilled. Our system of consumption requires that we want more have more, own more, use more, eat and drink more.


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