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Agrarianism – H.B. Clark

The economic system of the Bible is agrarian; it is based upon the supposition that nearly all of the people live upon the land and engage in agricultural pursuits. It was intended that there should be neither poverty nor riches—neither beggary nor great wealth—in the land, but that every man should be economically independent and self-supporting, possessing his habitation and means of live-lihood and enjoying the products of his labor; in short, that each should sit “under his vine and fig tree” and “eat the fruit thereof.”

According to Biblical law, it is elemental that every man should “bear his own burden,” —maintain himself and his family—and should “labour,” plant his garden and till his land.

~H.B. Clark, Biblical Law Sec.245

Family Economy

During the post industrial stage the family as an economic unit changed.The family transformed from being a unit of production to being a unit of consumption. This new era of industrialization brought changes where farming can be done with less persons, therefore children were no longer to be viewed as economic assets but rather as liabilities. Industrialization further contributed to the demise of the family economy where the capitalist market encouraged production in large scale factories, farms and mines. Wage labor became common and family members no longer worked together but rather used the wages they had earned to buy goods which they consumed as a family unit.

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